Buying and selling such expensive jewelry can be scary at times.

We know this, and that is why we do everything possible to ensure to the customers, always feel comfortable. We guarantee all of our products to be 100% authentic, and that precisely what they see in the our photos on the site is what they get when makes the order.

Our Portuguese Jewelry Retailer License number is T0844, issued by the Oporto Assay Office.

All our jewelry has the Official Assay Office Punch insuring the manufactured metal and fineness.

However, the application of the Portuguese Assay Office mark is only mandatory on silver pieces that weigh more than 2 grams and gold pieces that weigh more than 0.5 grams.

However, all our pieces has the responsibility of the Craftsman/Manufacturer who produced them.


The 925 Sterling Silver and 9k (375) or 19,2K (800) Gold marks are applied in all pieces by The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, that provides the guarantee by checking the fineness of the pieces, displayed in thousandths.

Additionally all the pieces also carry the artisan / manufacturer mark.

We work hard to ensure that all our customers are confident in bying our products, and want them to remember how positive their purchasing experience with us has been.

Link to the Portuguese Official Assay Office Punch web site: https://www.contrastaria.pt