We believe our pieces are special and deserve the best care, so that they last longer in time with their original beauty.

With their original beauty preservation in mind, we mention some precautions that we think are important:

. Try to keep these pieces away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, cold and humidity. Metals, especially silver, oxidize and darken in contact with air, it's a natural process;

. Remove the pieces whenever you go for a bath or swim in the sea or swimming pools, and avoid wearing them while making sports (sweat is highly corrosive, and will change the appearance of the pieces);

. Avoid contact of the pieces with make-up, creams, perfumes and lotions;

. Avoid storing the pieces in damp and/or bright places, always favor dry and dark places;

. Keep the pieces individually stored, in the original box provided with the purchase, this way they will be more protected;

. The maintenance of these pieces, including cleaning, can and should be done at home!


With time and regular use, some substances such as cosmetics, dust, among others, are deposited in the pieces.

In order to keep your jewelry pieces clean, we suggest that you follow these steps:

1. Always wash them "by hand";

2. In a container, add water (preferably slightly warm) and use Coconut Soap or alternatively a mild Neutral PH Soap, to clean;

3. Rinse the piece and with the help of a soft bristle brush or a similar brush, put a little of Coconut Soap and gently pass through the whole piece in a circular motion;

4. Afterwards, rinse the piece several times until you are sure that all the soap has been removed;

5. To finish the cleaning process, you should always gently dry the pieces very well, with the help of a very soft flannel cloth or soft fabric, until you are sure they are well dry, in order to prevent damp spots to appear;

6. Always keep the jewelry pieces in the box provided on purchase, this way they will be better protected.

Note: We advise you not to use toothpaste, any sort of detergents, or any other household or industrial cleaning liquids.