Nadir Filigree is a family brand with over 35 years of experience, created back in 1982, that is now headed by its second generation in business. 

Having a personal and deep understanding of the handmade manufacturing process, we are located in the north of Portugal, and work very closelly with the most experienced artisans of the portuguese jewelry. 

Our Portuguese Jewelry Retailer License number is T0844, issued by the Oporto Assay Office.

Portugal has a well known and world recognized tradition in the art of hand crafting high quality jewels, and our artisans have the implied qualities of calmness, stability, patience, imagination and extraordinary dexterity, wich are essential due to the nature of this very meticulous art.

Our stunning filigree handmade pieces are representative of the different themes of the country’s history, culture and tradition, like the sea, nature, religion or love.

Filigree is a purely manual art, that requires a very patient work, imaginative and great dexterity from the artisans. This technique is a very meticulous art and the artisans who are capable of mastering it, enclosure a great pleasure in every piece they conclude.

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Laurinda Dias
» Founder


Manuel Dias
» Founder