Filigree BRACELET Contas de Viana Beads (6mm) Traditional in 925 Sterling Silver w/ 24k Gold Bath

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Original Portuguese Contas de Viana Beads BRACELET, Fashion Folk - Traditional Filigree Jewelry from Viana, Portugal - Brand-new (Unused).


Very elegant and exquisite bracelet, handmade by experienced Artisans and manufactured in 925 Sterling Silver with 24k Gold Bath.

Item specifics:

Model: 6mm Contas de Viana Beads Bracelet
925 Sterling Silver
Beads Size:
aprox. 0.6 cm
Bracelet Lenght:
aprox. 20,3 cm / 7.99 in
aprox. 6,2 grams
24k Gold Bath
Brand-new (Unused)

Original Portuguese Traditional Filigree Jewelry - Handcrafted

Beads are the pieces of traditional gold with more distant ancestors. The specific case of the Viana beads (Contas de Viana), shows strong connection to Greek culture, Phoenician, Roman and Etruscan - the latter being the more distinctly marked in its present form.

The Viana beads (Contas de Viana), hollow, spherical and decorated with filigree applications, are pieces of timeless beauty that reflect the tradition of Portuguese jewelery.

Historically, these beads were offered to little girls from their birth, by their families, in festive days. Once they grew up to become women, they often applied their small savings - gathered mostly from agricultural sales - in purchasing aditional beads one at a time. This high emotional significance of each single bead, helps to explain the measureless woman's pride when they got to gather their beds into building their own beautiful beaded necklace to display in traditional festivities.

The technique:
Filigree is a purely manual art, that requires a very patient work, imaginative and great dexterity from the artisans. This art works delicate braided metal strands (gold, silver, or other metals), placed near a source of heat so that they soften and are able to be worked by the craftsmen, who create elaborate and elegant art pieces such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and others.

This technique is a very meticulous art and the artisans who are capable of mastering it, enclosure a great pleasure in every piece they conclude.

The main poles of manufacture of the Portuguese filigree, are located in the proximity of the city of Porto - Gondomar and Póvoa de Lanhoso (Braga).

Beeing such a important part of Portugal's history and cultural heritage, filigree jewelry can be found all over the country, even in most distant cities as the counstry's capital Lisbon, or in Algarve, as Faro and Portimão.

Authenticity Guarantee:
All our jewelry has the Official Assay Office Punch insuring the manufactured metal and fineness. This mark is applied in all pieces by The Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office, that provides the guarantee by checking the fineness of the pieces, displayed in thousandths. A fineness of 925 - the one used in our pieces - means that in 1000 units of mass of the alloy, 925 units are pure precious metal.

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